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I was going to post some of my favourite hair products today but the insane wind that we’re experiencing in London has inspired me to post not about my messy mop (and we’re not talking windswept, we’re talking Wurzel Gummage). So I figured I’d try and find a positive in this crappy weather, like how glowy my cheeks are at the moment.

I was lucky/unlucky enough to get the Trinny and Susannah treatment for a newspaper once and they were kind enough to point out I was one of the palest people they had ever seen and that I should live and die by blusher. And it was the best advice I’ve ever had. A good cheek colour for me is the difference between looking like I died in the night and had my corpse delivered to my desk and looking like a happy, healthy spring chicken/productive member of staff. If you doubt the difference blush can make, go back and watch the first couple of seasons of Sex and the City and then pop on season four – the perfect soft pink blusher takes ten years off SJP.
So here are my top cheek products, go forth and glow.

BeneFit BeneTint

My absolute favourite product ever ever ever for cheeks. Even on my pale skin, it makes me look rosy and healthy without any chalkiness or tidemarks. Because it’s a sheer liquid stain that allows natural skintones to shine through, creating a completely natural but very cute finish. Powders can mask skin and look too heavy and creams can melt but BeneTint is always right and adjusts to suit everyone.

If it’s your first time with a stain, go easy. I looked like Coco the Clown the first time I used it! Better yet, go to a BeneFit counter for a demo (and a free makeover!) to get it perfect. The new Pocket Pal edition includes clear lipgloss and is perfect for travelling.

If you’ve ever spilled BeneTint (on your mother’s new seagrass carpet – sorry mum) you’ll know what a bitch it can be to clean up. The easy answer is, don’t screw the cap too tightly, it will break, don’t try and rub it off, you will just rub it in – basically, don’t spill it!

BeneFit Georgia
My friends are completely split between BeneFit’s gorgeous Georgia and Dandelion powders. For me, it’s Georgia because my skin has red undertones so the apricot powder balances me out and gives a fresh, healthy glow. Plus the box and the brush are cute as hell and it smells divine.
I use this over BeneTint every day to set the stain and all over my face in summer as most bronzers are too harsh for me. Neither Dandelion or Georgia are true blushers in that they don’t really give you that ‘pinched cheek’ look but they do give you a healthy pick me up and leave a translucent veil of ‘look at me!” prettiness.
Bene Fit High Beam
I did tell you I loved BeneFit! Once I’ve got my Benetint and Georgia going on, if I’m still in need of an extra boost (dry skin, hangover, no sleep because the cat wanted to play at 3am, 4am and 5am) I add a dab of High Beam to my cheekbones and browbones for instant but subtle zing.
There have been so many imitation products and believe me, I’ve tried most of them, but they’re just false economy. This is the original and the best although not very portable. If you need to carry it about, invest in a Realness of Concealness or Valley of the Stars set for a wee version – too cute!
Bourjois Blush
Look, it’s not BeneFit! In my work make up bag, you will always find a little round pot of Bourjois blush. I’m too afraid to carry my BeneTint near my iPod and work laptop so I stick with these sweet pots of colour.
They come in every shade under the sun, I love the bright dolly pinks that make my cheeks pop and the even brush included is quite good. Unlike most blusher brushes included in compacts, it doesn’t leave a stripe on your cheek. Again, be light in your application as they can be quite dense but they are portable, pretty and best of all, affordable.


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  1. Maybe your boyfriend would like a bit of the Claire treatment. They all want it….

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