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Things That Make Me Smile…


Things That Make Me Smile…

I don’t know about you but Friday is usually a day of joy, it’s practically the weekend, it’s a week closer to pay day and everyone is happier!

Until today.
I had ‘one of those days’ where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, so I’m posting at 8.30 at night about the things I found in my make up bag on the way home that made me feel that bit better. I’ll post pics on Monday, my Mac is rubbish!

Chanel Coco Madamoiselle Twist and Spray Eau de Toilette

I have very acidic skin so most perfumes smell like cat wee on me, particularly, it seems, anything that smells divine on other women. Coco Madamoiselle is an exception. It’s light, fresh and even pretty enough to make this January day seem summery. I bought this spray in Duty Free on the way to Seville so it always reminds me of summer days and holildays – guaranteed to make me smile. Plus the gadgety twist up spray appeals to my inner geek girl. Love everything about this.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

I usually have at least one eye colour palette on me as a burst of colour on my eyes is my favourite way to go from day to night. I love Urban Decay and the palettes offer real value for money. The pigment is dense and true, there’s a wide range of colours from midnight black to a pearly highlighter and I find that the glitter in the shadows is fine enough not to find its way all over my face. Two thumbs up.

BeneFit Get Bent Mascara

I’ve been asked if I’m affiliated with Bene Fit because I mention them so much. Honestly? I do know someone that works there but she’s not a PR or a marketing bod and isn’t behind this blog. I only know her because I’m such a hardcore fan I tried to get their business when I used to work in PR myself (a lifetime ago!). I was converted by BeneTint a long time ago and I always have time to get a quick makeover on one of their counters and try out the new products. This is one of my current faves. The angled brush is a way better applicator than the ordinary Bad Gal Lash mascara and it really opens up my eyes, I have a lot of friends that use this mascara and swear by it, plus, it has cute retro silver packaging and makes me smile. What more can I ask for?

Stila Lip Glaze Sticks

Stila is another brand can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned (pressed powder aside but that’s another story). I was lucky enough to receive the fall 2006 lip collection for my birthday and it was full of winners – lip glaze, lip gloss, lip glaze liner and this fabulous lip glaze stick. It’sgot far more pigment than the regular lip glazes but goes on like a dream, I can’t stop rubbing my lips together once it’s on. And because it’s a handy dandy pencil, the application is easy, even on the Tube. My one concern is that teh shade I’m currently using, Fig, is a gorgeous attention grabbing fuschia shade but it’s a touch to glittery, hence it being saved for cheer-me-up tube ride home. Looking forward to expanding my collection come pay day!http://0

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