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What the People Say…


What the People Say…

While I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks now, it seems like there are a whole lot of Beauty Obsessives out there who share my problem.

My name is Beauty Lover and I’m a Beautyaholic.

I figure there’s no point to this blog if i’m not going to share what you ladies have told me (I am assuming you’re ladies…?) so let’s take a look…

Bad Gal
One of you emailed to say you loved the site but was I working for BeneFit and honestly, I’m really not. Beauty Mecca is entirely independent and chock full of honesty. I just love BeneFit products. There are a few that haven’t worked out for me but Beauty Mecca is a happy place, not a place of naming and shaming (unless i’m really pissed off).

I do feel compelled to mention the sexy new Some Kinda Gorgeous, which is like a tinted Dr Feelgood. So far, so fabulous! I thought, I’ve never had any joy with BeneFit foundations as they are always always always too dark or too orange for my ridiculous paleness and tragically, after slapping this on in a darkened room, I discovered this was going to be the same. I discovered I looked Tango’d. I discovered it in the Beauty Hall in John Lewis, Sheffield.

Being the optimist I am (not), I passed this over to one of my more genetically blessed friends, who has a gorgeous golden skintone and she now swears by the stuff. Possibly just to make me jealous. I had the same thing with You Rebel, Non-Fiction foundation and the Playsticks. Boo. But when there are so many other wonderful things, who can complain?

And for the record, two peple have emailed to say they bought Get Bent after seeing it on the site and they LOVE it so all is forgiven.

Blush Baby
A product that received a lot of emails was the Bourjois blusher I mentioned. I thought that when I broke the catch and/or lid on my blush pot, it was because I’m a clumsy cow and I break everything. Not so my lovelies! I’ve received emails from far and wide explaining that you too have endured a pink handbag lining all for the want of a stronger catch.

Come on Bourjois, I know the mirror, the brush and the great product can’t be cheap but please try a little harder with the catch?
And you’re totally owned by the same group as Chanel so I know you have the pennies…

I have found a really rather fabulous new blusher which I’ll be reviewing next week, when I’m on an altogether more reasonable computer that lets me post pictures. Life is only half the fun without the pics.

Smoky Eyes
Tonight I’m going to a friend’s 30th birthday party and will inevitably be attempting the smoky eyes of legend. Jesus knows what I’ll do with my mop, I’ve been growing out a hideous do for six months so it’ll most likely face the straighteners… I’ll let you know whether or not the eyes have it.http://0

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