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Pretty as a Picture


Pretty as a Picture

Now you all know that I love me some blusher and marvel at its ability to make or break an entire look, right?

So I think it’s also important that you should know, I have found a new, a pretty, a convenient, a cheaper rival to my beloved BeneTint… Yes. It is true.
Watercolour Blush by Daniel Sandler

It might look like a pit of poster paint but it’s actually a pretty pink flush in a perfectly portable bottle. Won’t spill, won’t leak, won’t smash – ten out of ten so far.
The product itself is a bit tricker it handle at first but no harder than any regular cheek stain and the bonus? This washes off much more easily if you do go over the top.

It took me a couple of goes at getting the right amount out because you really only need the teeniest tiniest amount and once or twice, I might have looked a little bit like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummage but now I’ve got the knack, I’ve just got a lovely flush going on. Once on the skin, it blends really nicely to a satiny finish and lasts more or less all day.

There are a whole host of colours, which is another great thing about the range and you can get them from for the unprincely sum of £10.

I went with the shade ‘Lover’ which was a lovely deep pink and looked right with my pale skin but I have to tell you, I’m tempted to try Flush or Icing, two of the other sweet as sugar pinks in the range, now payday has come around. A girl has to have options…

Having never tried Daniel Sandler products before, I’ll definitely be delving deeper into the range. While Watercolour Blush isn’t going to usurp BeneTint from my make up bag, it is going to sit proudly beside it (and accompany me on my travels while BeneTint sits sadly at home – sorry BT!)


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