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What’s in the Bag Catherine Ellis?


What’s in the Bag Catherine Ellis?

In the grand tradition of, well, last week, today we’re delving back into another beautista’s make up bag and having a good old nosy around. Catherine Ellis is a designer and makes beautiful things on a daily basis – is it any wonder that she is such a cracker herself?

Here are her top picks…

What’s your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
Benefit Bad Gal Eye Pencil. A good splodge of this makes me feel like I can take on the world!

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
Probably Bad Gal. Then I can stare him out with my panda-ringed eyes until he falls, helpless with desire, to my feet.

Out of every product you’ve ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
There are so many lovely things in the world, but I’m going to pick a very unassuming one, Liz Collinge Eye Colour in Sand. This is an idiot-proof shimmering eyeshadow that can enliven even the weariest of peepers. Soft and easy to blend, but Liz Collinge make up has ceased to exist , so I will have to find a replacement product soon… Sob!

So the bag…
I don’t actually have a bag, I have a tin from 100drine ( and it’s one of my favourite things.

Foundation: L’Oreal True Match in ‘C1 Rose Ivory’. I, like Mrs BeautyMecca, am ridiculously pale but can get away with this shade. This covers most sins and can be layered on for denser coverage.

Concealer: Rimmel Hide the Blemish in ‘001 Ivory’. A true classic and justifiably so.

Under-Eye Concealer: Boots No 7 Instant Radiance Concealer. We all know it’s Touche Eclait. Just a lot cheaper.

Blusher: Ruby and Millie Face Gloss in ‘Wine 50’. Looks terrifyingly dark in the tube but delivers a pop of sheer, ‘just been for a walk in the country’, colour. Lasts forever, too.

Eyeshadow: Apart from my allegiance to the Liz Collinge shadow, I love love love Urban Decay eye shadows. The colours are amazing, the pigment is SO dense and the names are fabulous. They are a little more expensive than the average shadow but, by golly, they’re worth it. Current favourites are ‘Lust’ (a mesmeric purple) and Mildew (a sludge green that has a hint of metallic). And just when I thought they couldn’t improve on perfection, they brought out the ‘Deluxe’ eyeshadows. These have great packaging, with their own little mirrors, and the colours are divine. ‘Adore’, a rich royal blue, gives you eyes to be noticed.

Eye lash Curlers: Just bog standard Boots, though I covet a pair of Shu Uemura curlers. My eyelashes are so straight and short, a curler is a must!

Eyeliners: As you might have guessed, I love a bit of eyeliner. Firstly, there’s Bad Gal, the eyeliner of choice for a rock-goddess-look. Prestige (I think this is a Boots brand only) do a really good eyeliner; self-sharpening and a good solid colour. Honourable mention must also go to FCUK eye crayons. I particularly like ‘05 Piercing’, an electric blue. If you want a good winged 50s-style line, Rimmel Liquid Liner in Black is the only way to go.

Lips: I am not good with lips. I lick gloss off (when I’m not pulling my hair out of it on windy days) and forget to re-apply lipstick. However, I seem to have reached a compromise with Boots No 7 Matte Velvet Lip Colour. I apply it in the shade ‘20 Luxe’ with my fingers, for just-bitten lips that look pretty and natural, and last for hours. Otherwise, a slick of Blisteze Relief Cream will keep your lips kissably soft.

Perfume: I seem to smell best in perfumes that are musky and dirty. Hence my perfume collection of Agent Provocateur, Vivienne Westwood ‘Boudoir’ and Chanel ‘Allure’.

So much inspiration, so little room on my credit card… I have to say, I tried the No 7 Matte Velvet Lip Colour and it does indeedy create a whole 1940s starlet type look, all on it’s own. Love it.http://0

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