An Apology…

Dear Cheryl,

I am very sorry that Beauty Mecca is costing you precious pennies.
I am very sorry that is making you go over your allotted lunch hour in search of beautiful, beautiful things.

I am however, not so sorry that you sent me this fab website below:

“It’s . I’ve used this site many a time & never had any problems with them. You can get genuine YSL for £13.95 & P&P is pretty cheap too. I always buy two at a time. You can also get perfumes, great skincare stuff e.g. Clarins/Clinique/Estee Lauder & Tigi/Catwalk products on the cheap.”

See what happens when we all work together?

So happy to find new beauty websites, so happy to find somewhere that sells cheap Bedhead After-Party (my cure all hair product) and so happy that someone is enjoying Beauty Mecca!


Beauty Lover

p.s. let me know how you get on with the Smashbox Primer and the Origins starter set.http://0

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