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And relax…


And relax…

I should warn you now, I’m in a foul mood.
The snow drift that deposited itself outside my house this morning not only left me cold, red and on my arse in front of a bin lorry and several bin men (it was not hilarious and neither are they), it also meant that I was two hours late to my desk which seriously cuts into my blogging time.

But to cheer myself up I might have accidentally bought this from ebay…

We shouldn’t reward ourselves with material things, I know, I know but it was this or a sack load of Mini Eggs and that would have been worse.

I discovered Smashbox on QVC and, ahem, America’s Next Top Model, but never bought, despite the prettiness and the lovely, convincing man who stares into your eyes and tried to tempt you. However, in the States, you can buy all the Smashbox your heart could desire from Sephora. Wonderful, wonderful Sephora. I bought one of their seasonal box sets and already am in love with the primer and the cream eyeliner, I’d even go so far as to say I prefer it to Stila’s smudge pot. The formulas are amazing and, although the packaging looks really basic at first, it’s actually this slightly kicky touch-me-touch-me soft rubbery plastic. Grrrr.

Most of the colours I got in the kit are too warm for me but I absolutely adore the textures so I’m going back in for more! And do I love a mini version of a product or what? If you live in London, keep an eye out for one or more of these babies to be kicking around on a District line train near you soon… Love ’em but can’t keep hold of ’em.http://0

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