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Parallel Lines


Parallel Lines

I may have mentioned, once or twice, that I am a fan of smoky eyes and as such, eyeliner.
I like it on girls…

and sometimes, I like it on boys…

Mostly, I like it on me (no pic I’m afraid).

I have travelled far and wide in the search for the perfect liner and come up with a few I can more or less trust to still be there at the end of big night, approximately in the eye area. Here are my top picks.

Stile Smudge Pots – Black
If you’re not totally won over by the heavy glass jar packaging (like me) you’ll just love the dense, creamy gel formula that sweeps right on and once set, doesn’t budge. I find the BeneFit eyeliner brush the best for this but you can just smudge it right on with your finger if you wanted a real punk rock look. Plus the deep jewel colours are gorgeous.

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner – Caviar
I have to say, this is really similar to Stila product but with smaller, rubbery packaging and a slightly creamier texture. I got this in a set and I love it. Possibly even more than the Stila but by virtue of how hard Smashbox can be to get hold of, Stila wins out. If you buy it from QVC you get the excellent liner brush in the set and there are always Smashbox goodies to be had on Ebay.

Bad Gal
The classic and the best pencil as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it’s much smudgier than the gel/cream formulas but that’s the point. Layer it on, rub it in and smoke away. Plus there’s something about Bad Gal that makes you feel naughty just using it. Panda eyes have never looked so sexy.

Stila Convertible Eye Colour – Slate
This is my usual daytime option. It’s a handy-dandy pencil and powder in one and the soft grey is incredibly wearable. The powder tends to try and escape in public so be careful with the application and ALWAYS wind the eyeliner back down or it will get smushed in the cap but really, it’s fab and perfect for day-to-night looks.

My next product to try will be the Clinique cream eyeliner a) because it’s another pretty glass jar and b) I just really want it.

For some reason, the internet has a downer on black/grey eye make-up products today so you get to enjoy the browny versions of the smudge pot, the Smashbox cream and the Stila convertible colour here which I’m sure are equally nice…


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