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Valentine, Schmalentine


Valentine, Schmalentine

I will happily accept that having a boyfriend excludes me from bitching and moaning about Valentine’s day, but really, it’s just getting more tragic by the year. Did you read that the average Londonder would spend around £83 per person this year?
Who’s spending the extra £75 I haven’t spent?? Could I meet him for dinner??

Alas, alack, with a song in my heart and bags under my eyes, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite products for a date – be it a hot and heavy new relationship or a ‘we’ve been together forever’ steak dinner at home with Ugly Betty in the background.

Who wouldn’t be won over by their boyfriend sending you a Ben and Jerry’s e-card with the message ‘you bring the meat and I’ll bring the moo’? I’m a lucky girl.

Your Toilette
Hopefully you will get a chance for a long luxurious bath which your lover will have thoughtfully run and filled with asses milk and rose petals. If not, it’s Sure wipes in the ladies’ loos and a spritz of whatever fragrance gets you going. I love Angel Innocent and Coco Madamoiselle for the daytime but at night, I’m going more for Euphoria at the moment. I’m fickle.

The most important thing to mentally get me prepared for a special occasion (aside from waxing/shaving/general body hair removal) is using a gorgeous body lotion. I’ve got a few on the go at the moment but since it’s Valentine’s, I’ll probably match to my perfume. Get me, classy bird.

Make Up

It’s always tempting to go a bit crazy with your make up when you want to make a good impression but remember candle light intensifies your look so a soft smoky eye might look subtle under the fluorescent tube of your work toilets but you’re going to look like Uncle Fester in the romantic low lighting of Luigi’s. If you must go eyes, use a light sparkly grey and a subtle or liquid liner (the coloursport Amy recommended yesterday is good for this and it stays on 24 hours). Keep it neat and don’t go panda-crazy. Time and a place ladies. Also, your eye make up might be facing a bit of a work out later on so use waterproof mascara just in case. And COMB THROUGH! No clumps for your close up.

For lips, they just need to be kissable. If you’re eating, a strong colour is going to come right off and ruin your look. If you’re not even bothering with the food, lipstick on his collar only works in the movies. In real life, you’re the one stuck with the cleaning bill. Another no no (and it pains me to say it) is gloss. I love gloss. I ALWAYS wear gloss. But following a quick straw poll, boys, they no like the gloss. It’s sticky, it tastes weird and it doesn’t look good on them. Stick to a tinted balm or a stain. It’s for your own good.

Cheeks need a gentle flush, BeneTint is always a natural winner, use the Daniel Sandler Watercolour if you’re on the move. Keep powder light, you don’t want to look chalky (even better, use Dr Feelgood) and add a dot of BeneFit Highbeam to your cheekbones and browbones to keep things pretty.

And ta-da, you’re done!

Anyone that needs advice on the walk of shame kit, I understand a toothbrush, one of those tiny Nivea deodorants and a spare pair of pants work a treat. Failing that, a BeneFit Georgia or Dandelion palette has enough to get you to Boots so you can top up properly. Say after me, ‘Why yes missus Clinique counter lady, I’d love to try all of your new products…’


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