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Native New Yorker…


Native New Yorker…

So tomorrow I have to come home.
I’m not dealing with this news well.
So not well in fact, that I’m hiding in the apple store on Prince Street (Mercer Street?) struggling with a very low Mac Book, trying to prove I could run my life from New York.

It’s tragically not true.

What is true, is that New York is all about smudgey smokey eyes. Yet another reason for me to stay here,
The Young Knives cancelled on Saturday but I did my bit and rocked Brooklyn FOR YOU and can report kohl pencil is very popular, lips are very neutral and tattoos are huge. Not that I’m recommending them from a beauty point of view.

What I can recommend, having been smothered in make up for the last six days is:

Smashbox O-Glow – everything they said it would be and more. The amazing gel blush goes on clear and then changes to a soft pink that depends on your skin’s acidity. I know it’s different on everyone because I made Mr Beauty Lover try it on his hand. O-Glow is the grown up equivalent of those crazy lipsticks that were yellow in the tube and then came out lurid pink on your lips. But it’s pretty and comes in space-age looking packaging. And I’m sold.

Also great (and I’m a little bit shocked to say this) is the BeneFit Bad Gal Blue. I don’t love blue mascara but it’s so vibrant and lush, it looks amazing as a flash on the tips of your lashes.

Other than that, I went a bit crazy on the Stila counter in Bloomingdales (loving Cloud eyeshadow and the new Antique Silver kajal pencil) and I might have accidentally bought a few pieces of the Barbie Loves MAC collection – but they were presents for a friend!

What do you mean you don’t believe me?

Since you were so mean, you’ll have to wait to hear about all the rest of my goodies (and all my pics) till I get home.

Well, can’t sit around and be abused all day, I have to head down to Century 21 to look for more discount Marc Jacobs (I’m so class) and it’s back to Williamsburg for me tonight. I’ll let you in on a secret… My celebrity crush is playing a secret gig tonight and I have tickets! If all goes well, Mr Beauty Lover will have a spacious two seat journey home. Only kidding.



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