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Sleep in a bottle anyone?


Sleep in a bottle anyone?

So, things didn’t work out for me and my celebrity crush and I am home.

My body physically rejected the very suggestion of coming home by breaking out in an exciting itchy rash all over my back an hour before we were supposed to fly back. For this, I recommend Lanacane Itch Relief… And not leaving New York.

Since I’ve returned, my beauty regime has mostly consisted of crying, sleeping and slapping on a lot of moisturiser. Mostly Nivea Creme – sometimes the oldies are the goodies.

Forgive me for not being all too chipper, I can’t actually believe they MADE me come home (they being US immigration, my boyfriend, the Coventry Building Society and Rupert Murdoch. He’s ultimately my employer and apparently has a lot of fingers in evil pies. My not being in New York is one giant evil pie.) I hadn’t even tried all the make up yet! And I look like CRAP.

I keep being told to buy Guerlain’s Issima Midnight Secret to perk up my post flight skin but despite my obsession, I freak out at pricey products but sometimes I understand they’re worth it. After all, your skin is a lifetime investment and my theory is, you should be spending at least the same on your face (and haircuts!) as what you would spend on shoes. Your face will be with you a lot longer after all.

What I did get this trip is Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask and I’ve got to tell you, it’s good. I’m not a massive fan of overenthusiastic magazine reviews (too many are influenced by advertiser spend) but I am a big believer in Bliss. Their products are fun and for what experience I have of them, effective. And this baby is no different.

You slap a thick old layer on damp skin and then buckle yourself in for some serious tickling. Seriously, I’m not a good ticklee. My uncle will happily tell you if you ask (and sometimes if you don’t) how I would, ahem, wet myself following extended tickling as a child. But infantile incontinence aside, this is really good. It foams up on your face and after just five minutes, I looked like I’d just come in from the spa rather than twenty minutes elbowing my way out of the subway at rush hour into minus 4 bitter bitter weather.

And I made Mr Beauty Lover try it too.
He giggled.

We make our own fun, okay?http://0

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