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Last New York Post, I Promise


Last New York Post, I Promise

Really, for my sanity as well as yours…

Here are some of my fun beauty adventures in NYC.

How many mascaras can you possibly, possibly need?
These are just the MAYBELLINE mascaras in Duane Reade – it’s sort of like Boots on crack.

For the record, I ‘ve never been a massive fan of Great Lash. I remember begging my dad to bring me one back from a business trip in America when I was about 14 and feeling like the most glamorous girl in the world but I don’t think it really delivers as a product these days. What do you think? I did like Lash Discovery though, lovely for a natural look.

Sephora is one of my favourite places in the world. There used to be one in the glamour capital of the UK, Watford, but it closed down. Now I have to get my kicks on, well, more or less every other corner of New York city. They stock almost all my favourite brands and there is always something new to discover.
Like this!
Mr BeautyLover works with toys so this tickled us both.
Okay, me more than him.

Word to the wise, the doorway heaters in the Times Square branch (biggest in the world apparently!) are way too close to the product resulting in a make up meltdown. At present they have Stila at the front to tempt you in but DO NOT buy Stila from this store. Everything is melted!

Here I am sacrificing myself at the altar of M.A.C. in Soho while Miss Make Up Lady gave me ‘interesting’ eyes. Pink as a base, green in the centre, grey brown at the edges. It actually looked okay… I walked away with Barbie loves M.A.C. eye colours in Magic Dust and Moth Brown, the lip colour in Sweet and Single and eyeliner pencil in Prunella. And I even got my buddy a Fashion Pack gloss for her birthday. I’m full of love.
Amongst other things.

The wonderful exchange rate meant that all this booty came out at less than $70, about £40 – what’s not to love??

Just so you know, this is as close to a picture of me as you’re getting… Note my attractive, hair tucked behind ears sideburns. Note to Lee Stafford Salon, the New York minus 4 weather and entertaining wind did nothing for my do, I’m very sorry. This is not negative advertising – the hair still rocks.

And this is the lovely lead singer of my favourite band who we managed to see while we were out there…

This pic has nothing to do with make up or beauty whatsover, except maybe he needed a good wash after the gig.
I have many shower gels and am happy to oblige.


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