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3 for 2 Joy at Boots


3 for 2 Joy at Boots

You all know I’m a mug for crazy, messy Blondie bedhead?

So you won’t be shocked to hear that not only do I lurve the good people at the Lee Stafford salon in London, I also love his product range, conveniently located on a shelf in my local Boots.

And you also know that I’m a sucker for a promotion, you all know that, right?

So it will be fab news all round that Lee Stafford is currently on 3 for 2 in Boots – hurrah!
I’ve already stocked up on RU Taking Protection Oily Roots (dry shampoo for lazy ladies) and Messed Up spray wax (a favourite with Mr Beauty Lover too!). On the way home this evening, I shall be indulging in the Soflee Soflee intensive conditioner also because it smells pretty, it pinks up my bathroom shelf and, god forbid, it works.

I rediscovered the range post haircut, having been a big, if a little fickle, fan a back when the range launched. and I’m very happy.

My itchy scalp loves it, my dry hair is shining and not overly weighed down by product. Nothing in the range is massively pricey, you get advantage points from Boots, you get fab hair and everyone’s a happy bunny.

I might get the serum spray too – it smells like Angel perfume (only prettier) and it makes me look all shiny and new!


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