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Fake it till you make it!


Fake it till you make it!

have an apology to make.
I recently gave the Rimmel Recover anti-fatigue foundation a less than glowing review but you’ll never believe it – it actually works!

For the last two mornings, I’ve been the sleepiest puppy in all of the world. A combination of early mornings, late nights, giggle juice and stressy day job admittedly, but I hate getting up at the best of times so getting up and looking crap comes very high on The List of Things That Piss Me Off (TM).

So imagine my surprise this morning when I decided to take action – hot shower, Bliss Oxygenating mask (bloody love that), serum, moisturiser, BeneTint, High Beam – all fine but my tinted moisturiser was not covering up my blotchy, red, irritated and basically skanky skin. So I gave the recover another shot. And bugger me, I looked human again.

It has even worn quite well thanks to Smashbox primer underneath and L’Oreal True Match powder on the top. Not well enough to avoid me going sparkly silver eyes to distract from red, blotchy badness but it’s okay.

This is all good news when you have a surprise meeting thrust upon you and you have sit next to a pretty boy for an hour and half, trying to concentrate on digital publishing opportunities, stay awake, not have your stomach rumble loudly enough for EVERYONE to hear and willing your body to create it’s own lipbalm because you know you look like a corpse, while your boss sits laughing at you. Grrrr.

And the Recover foundation is currently on offer in Boots – £4.99 instead of £6.49. Hurrah.


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