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Minty Fresh


Minty Fresh

Sorry not to post yesterday, I’m a bad person.
But I was on exciting business, hope to update you all on that sometime soon!

Anyhoo, after consuming a monumental amount of garlic bread last night, I was in need of as much minty freshness as possible this morning.
Toothpaste, check.
Mouthwash, check.

Floss, check.

Masses and tea and Polos, check.

But something was missing… could it be my fabulous new Stila Lip Plumping Glaze???
Maybe it could!

I love Stila Lipglazes. They’re gadgety enough for me to enjoy clicking them loudly in public, they smell yummy, they feel divine and the colours are punchy enough to make me feel alive, even on my drabbest day. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out they had launched a range of plumping glosses.

Stila say this:

Pout like you mean it! The world-famous glaze now has active ingredients to help promote beautiful, full, healthy lips. camellia oil, high in oleic acid making is a fabulous moisturizer; anti-oxidant rich vitamin E helps protect cells against environmental damage; and naturally occurring peptides, offer just the right amount of minty plump but without burning or stinging the lips.

I say, they feel like you’ve rubbed an extra strong mint on your lips in the best way. I’m not sure they actually plump (I’m not sure anything actually plumps, apart from restelyne) but it does feel tingly and lovely and you sort of find yourself doing a bit of a pout anyway. Not a Posh pout but a bit of a ‘hey boys’ kind of a thing… kind of. And unlike Lip Venom, the feeling really lasts.

I went with Berry Mint which is almost clear. In fact my only issue with these would be that they are all very clear and maybe we don’t need six different shades?

But I won’t argue, they’re super lovely and I felt fresh as a daisy!


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