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Diary of a fake tan – day one


Diary of a fake tan – day one

It’s that time of year again.

I may have mentioned the fact that I’m the palest girl in the world on this blog before but it’s been winter and I’ve totally been rocking a Dita Von Teese, Rose McGowan alabaster thing which is fine. Until I have to get my legs out.

This weekend, the weather was totally messing with me. Easter is for eating eggs in bed, watching The Goonies or Ben Hur and flirting with the idea of flip flops. But noooo, 2007 has to go all crazy hot and sunny, leaving me utterly unprepared for leg revelation.

My skin isn’t awful, it’s just extraordinarily pale. This is fine until the sun comes out and the rays of light bounce of my pale pins and blind some small child or shorter than average fashionista who was innocently checking out my TopShop patent wedges. And so annually, I turn to fake tan and annually, I have to hide my legs away from the sun until the orange streaks have faded.

This year was no exception, I have fallen foul of most products on the market from the full on tanners to the ‘daily glow’ products. All have left me streaky, and in rare and unfortunate AMBRE SOLAIRE Multi Directional Spray cases, stained for a fortnight. So this year, I’m trying out Olay Everyday Sunshine in Light – because I haven’t tried it before and because it was £3.99… I’m not proud.

I tried to take a picture of my legs to prove how pale I am but the universe almost collapsed. Instead, we will monitor my tan daily by use of the Dulux Colour Chart.

Day one, Potter’s Clay 4 looks about right…


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