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Clean skincare = clear skin Nature vs Nuture part 3


Clean skincare = clear skin Nature vs Nuture part 3

So this is part Nature vs Nurture and part me raving about a fab new product that I’m in love with. Ladies with combination/dry/oily skin? Prepare to be happy bunnies…

You all know I’m a fickle mistress and although I have my faves, I’m often swayed by a new wonderous product of joy – step forward REN Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facial Wash.

The REN website says – A sulfate-free balancing facial wash for skin that is prone to oiliness particularly in the T-Zone. It will gently dissolve excess sebum and remove impurities allowing skin to breathe freely. Bio actives from Mayblossom (flavonoids), Willow Bark (salicilin) and Australian Blue Cypress Oil (guaiazulene) decongest the skin, reduce pore size and help prevent spot formation due to their anti-bacterial properties.

I say – funky packaging, no icky sulphate induced foaming, squeaky clean skin with no dry or tight patches afterwards. And my skin is just glowing. I even risked the age old trick of not putting moisturiser immediately afterwards to see how quickly my skin would soften (it usually feels a bit tight if I don’t moisturise right away) but nope, nothing but soft, glowy loveliness.

I should say that I did not love the scent of this right away – it’s a wee bit like toilet cleaner but I mean that in the nicest possible way. Don’t be put off though, it’s wonderful. Fight through, fight through! Should also mention the Mayblossom and Konjac Balancing Moisturiser is also wonderful but I need something a wee bit richer. It would be amazing for oilier combination skins though.

REN is a fantastic brand and if you’re concerned about covering your skin in crap and are looking for a whole range of skin care and body care products. They don’t use synthetics, they don’t use irritants and they donate a proportion of their profits to campaigns that promote a better environment.

Now go buy yourself some lovely products and give yourself a hug for saving the world…

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I’m getting giddy! It’s not orange or nuffink!


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