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The First Feet of Summer


The First Feet of Summer

This week marked the most dreaded annual event in the calendar for me – nope, not September (Spider Month), not August (inability to go outside without frying) or even October (my birthday, in fact, every birthday beyond 25).

It is The Week I Stop Wearing Tights and (sob) Pop Socks.

So as you can imagine, the Easter weekend consisted of a lot of foot filing, moisturising, nail painting and general footise beautification because no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to see rank, grey cracked feet mincing in front of them on the tube escalators, do they?
If your natural response to that was anything other than ‘no Beauty Lover, that’s freaking disgusting and I just vommed a bit in the back of my throat thinking about it’ then you are sub-human.

My favourite, favourite foot product of all time is Benefit Sandal Scandal. And not just because it’s got a cute name and you get little bootees avec wee pom poms (well, a bit because of that) but also because it helps me wake up with divoon toes and entirely uncracked heels.
Dream come true.

Alternatively, you could slather your feet in Vaseline and hope for the best but a) don’t stand up with Vaselined feet, you will either break your neck or ruin your carpet and b) think of a fine excuse as to why you’re buying Vaseline by the vat in Superdrug. I’m not helping you, you’re totally on your own on that one…

I should mention, since I ditched the tights and the (sob) pop socks, my beautiful feet are now home to the annual flip flop blisters but we will not be bullied back into hosiery. Oh no.

Fake Tan Update:
No movement up the chart but still no orange. Maybe the Olay moisturiser is too subtle?
Or maybe my skin is just rejecting it…
The amount of light that bounced off my white legs almost created a black hole at the weekend so it’s entirely possible.http://0

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