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So sleepy, so easy…


So sleepy, so easy…

It may surprise you to know my life is not an endless round of beauty launches and fabulous parties where people drink champagne and slap each other on the back and talk about how fabulous it is to drink champagne and attend fabulous parties and beauty launches.

More often than not I’m desk bound or flitting from tube to tube in impractical shoes so what I’m really really looking for is something that does a thousand jobs in one, the most important amongst them being ‘make me look human’.

In times of trouble, I turn to Stila’s Convertible Colour. It’s wee, the compact has a mirror, it brightens my cheeks and adds a swipe of colour to my lips. For my money, I love the Spring limited edition that features Lilium, a rusty rose and Gerbera, my favourite peachy colour, both in one handy compact for £17. The colours often look terrifying in their packaging but once you get them on your skin their more subtle than you’d think.

And anything that can make me look alive in one swift dab is okay by me.http://0

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