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I Have Issues with Kirsten Dunst


I Have Issues with Kirsten Dunst

I don’t get to brag very often so please indulge me…

Last night I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Spider-Man 3 premiere (praise be the day job) and thought you might like a look at Kirsten Dunst’s make-up…

Obviously she’s beautiful and always looks great (when you can’t see her snaggletooth) and I won’t have a word said against Bring it On but as great as this make up looks in a photo (thanks Getty) it looked rough in real life. The lipstick was really really harsh and dark, almost purple and looked really drying. It’s hard to believe she’s only 24. The lights on the red carpet were really bright and everyone was looking a bit shiny but Kirsten was really over powdered. I’m a powder fiend but by stippling it with a brush or using a mattefying balm like Dr Feelgood instead, you can avoid aging your skin with powder.

I guess this all goes to prove that what makes a great picture doesn’t work in real life. Sort of reassuring for we mere mortals, actually. Could be I just have Dunst issues.
And she was a bit snooty with Lauren Laverne in an interview (great make-up Lauren, hair could have used a brush).

In the movie, her make up is perfect. The hair is a gorgeous red/blonde (not as harsh as the other movies) and she looks like a translucent skinned gorgeous girl next door throughout. I guess if there was an advert for not tanning, she’s it. Pale as a pale thing and yet still rattling up the following list of hot celeb notches on the bedpost (allegedly)…
Jake Gyllenhall
Adam Brody
Fabrizio Moretti
Adrian Grenier
Johnny Borrell

Okay, so I’d rather poke my own eyes out with a Razorlight record that touch the Borrell but that aside, she’s making moves on all my top men. She even looks at my beloved Shawn from stellstarr* and I will kick her ass from here to Camden.

Now, because I am dedicated to reporting on all kinds of beauty, here is a picture of the most beautiful thing I saw all night.

Man, he’s pretty.
For those of you that don’t know, this is James Franco, or Harry Osborn in the world of Spider-Man. Even with a dodgy scar (not to spoil too much) you know you still would.

Oh, and you’ll be excited to know all ten remaining Josephs from Any Dream Will Do were in attendance and if I really wanted to do a fake tan edition of What’s in the Bag, I could happily knock on any number of their doors…
Not to mention man make-up and Sun In.


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