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New York City (block) Girl…


New York City (block) Girl…

This is the year I’m really making an effort with my sunscreen.
Every year I say it and every year I end up getting fried at least once.

The worst of these occasions was in my beloved New York two years ago. I was out there for work in Mid-June and there was no way I could avoid the sun completely but I guess I could have avoided sitting on an open top bus for four hours… I was punished. A seven hour flight sat next to a sleepy, snory drunk with the worst burnt arms you’ve EVER seen. Seriously, they’re still two tone.
No, really.

This year, I’m going back to NYC (aka Home) for the same show in June. But this year I have a plan. This year I have Clinique factor 40 City Block.

This stuff is amazing. Seriously, it’s a fantastic make-up primer, it doesn’t clog up even my pre-menstrual skin and you can even use it around the eye area. I’m always moaning on about not being able to get good sunscreen for my face that doesn’t clog my skin and the sunscreens in moisturisers are never high enough for me because, according to the clever peeps at Clinique, as little as 20 minutes of incidental sun exposure everyday adds up to more than 120 hours of UV radiation per year. That equals nearly 6 hours of serious sun bathing.


And as you probably already know, up to 90& of skin aging comes from sun exposure rather than the actual age process.

Double Mew.

So for all you paleys and even the not so paleys, if you don’t want to look like a handbag in later years (not even a Marc Jacobs Stam – beautiful) please please please wear sunscreen. You don’t have to go for factor 40, this wonder primer comes in 15 and 25 but really, think about it – bronzer now, beautiful skin later or tan now and Jimmy Saville in ten years.

It makes all kinds of sense.

Oh, and sorry to ditch you yesterday, I had to go and see a man about a Bagpuss. No, really.
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