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These Boots were made for shopping…


These Boots were made for shopping…

I love popping into Boots and seeing what’s on the shelves. It’s a rare occasion that I manage to sashay out without something in my sweaty paws.

Yesterday was no exception. I was just nipping in for a prescription (don’t worry – I’m okay, you can relax) when this little bundle of joy caught my eye.

It’s so pretty! This is the Antoni&Alison-designed free gift when you spend £5.00 on Boots 17 make up. Not a hardship really.

And more exciting, you get all this inside the cuteness!

It’s a lovely grey eyeshadow, glitter topcoat and sparkly nail file, perfect for your handbag. Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream and designed to celebrate Antoni&Alison’s 17th year as designers, this is Boots’ fourth designer collaboration and I have to say, I think it’s their best.

To make up my £5,00, I bagged a lovely iridescent pink nail polish and the Antoni&Alison Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss in Dainty Indigo Pansy Kiss. How could I not? It’s a beautiful deep but fairly sheer red and only £3,79. Practically free.

Should you come over all collector, you can still pick up the Eley Kishimoto gift set from last winter on ebay for next to nothing and the pocket mirror and mini mascara would fit perfectly in this kit. It’s all so so beautiful.

Can’t wait to see what Boots do next… Marc Jacobs? Please?


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