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What’s in the bag Mel Wade?


What’s in the bag Mel Wade?

Today’s beauty addict is the lovely Melanie Wade…
I’ve had a wee poke around in her bag while she wasn’t looking and confirm she’s a beauty lover after my own heart!

What’s your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
Clinique lash doubling black mascara! I have really small eyes, so without mascara they look teeny tiny! Mascara opens them up and makes me feel glam again.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
Lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss! I feel naked it I don’t have anything on my lips. If I was trying to impress someone I would use Nars in Scandal as it’s a gorgeous red / berry colour and is very sexy!

Of every product you’ve ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, I have been using it for years and I don’t go anywhere without it (not even to pop to Tesco’s!). It feels lovely when it goes on as it’s really soft and it gives just the right amount of coverage – leaving my skin clear and glowing.

My make-up bag is always bursting at the seems as I carry so much around with me, I always think you never know where you might end up and its better to be prepared!

I have a real mix in my make-up bag of designer and high street brands. I always use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser for a base followed by Nars bronzer, and Dr Harnik Dark Circle Corrector to camouflage any dark circles!

My favourite lip glosses are from Mac, Laura Mercier and Nars. As I use lip gloss a lot I keep my lips in good condition with Trilogy Intensive Lip Treatment, which stops lips going dry and flaky.

I use Laura Mercier and Mac eye shadows but I also always have my Colorsport 24 hour eye liner in black with me, so I can do ‘smoky eyes’ that will last all night, at a moments notice!

Hand cream is really important to me, as I’m always worried I am going to get ‘old lady hands’ so I use delicious beauty honey and almond hand lotion throughout the day.

For my hair the only product I carry with me is Lee Stafford RUTP from oily roots, this is the most amazing product in the world and has changed my hair from flat and lifeless to thick and luscious on numerous occasions!

My last secret product is . . . tan towel, I always carry one with me because there wipes so they take up no room but are essential if you find yourself going out last minute as they will leave you gorgeously glowing in just a couple of hours!

Thanks Mel!
How right you are with the hand cream. I have a total terror of waking up one day with Madonna claws…
I have to admit, I’m rocking the Oily Roots spray right now.
I do love me some dry shampoo!


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