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Cheap Thrills


Cheap Thrills

What with all the madness over the Sainsbury’s Anya Hindmarch bag, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the world has gone crazy of the Boots No 7 Protect & Serum. For just £16.75, BBC2’s Horizon programme is telling us we can have a product that is as effective at combating sun damage as prescribed medicines.

I’m not one to fall for hype (ahem) but I found myself drawn to the Boots counter this morning on my way to work, fingers itching to get hold of this miracle cream.

But ultimately I stopped myself.
Because I already have all the creams?
Well, yes, but not just that. Boots didn’t have any.

But hey, I’ve read some pretty crappy reviews of this product, mostly complaining that you can feel it on your skin. As someone who suffers from congested skin as it is, I’m hardly going to race out to pile some more layers of sticky stuff on the problem.

Have any of you tried it?
I’m dying to get a first hand opinion.

And will probably be slapping more layers of sticky stuff on over the weekend if I can get hold of some. I’m so bloody fickle.


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