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Cheap Thrills – Does what it says on the tin


Cheap Thrills – Does what it says on the tin

I do love it when a product tells the truth.
And I love it all the more when that product is a £9.00 mascara from The Body Shop.

I’ve been having a mare with mascaras recently. My lashes aren’t that long so I really do need it but I tend to get a lot of smudging. My lovely Get Bent has Got Gunky and the more I persevere with the Magnif’eyes from Rimmel the more disappointed I am.

But the Define and Lengthen mascara from The Body Shop does exactly what it says on the tin. Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t give you spider lashes, just slightly longer, more defined lashes that are perfect for the day time.

Hurrah for The Body Shop.


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