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I’ve got a cold.
I’m really tired.
I’m full of Nandos (the classy girl’s KFC).
By rights I should look like pooh.

But I don’t!
My skin is glowing, the 14 year old’s skin brought on by my facial has vanished and the congestion seems to be lessening too! I can only put this down to one thing.
My new scrub.

As the world’s palest woman, I’d always avoided harsh scrubs, and as a wee nipper, I’d been terrified of using anything with the word ‘acid’ in it. No more my friends.

I’ve been used MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub.
They say: Cleanse and remove dry, rough skin with this gentle face and body scrub. Contains polyethylene granules with glycolic compound in a light-lathering creme base. Excellent as a preparation for self-tanning. Maintain results with regular use MD Formulations face and body care products.

I say: It’s effective without being stripping, has a lovely fine but grainy texture and you see results from the first use. Follow up with a moisturiser straight away and always use a high SPF if going out right after a scrub like this. Also, do not get in papercuts – helloeee? Ouch, much?

Really though, my skin looks clearer than it has in forever and genuinely translucent. I’m a happy bunny. It’s £26.00 at and you get a big old bottle so it’s going to last you.

Hurrah for scrubs!
Hurrah for clear skin!http://0

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