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Cheap Thrills: Butter Me Up


Cheap Thrills: Butter Me Up

So after I discovered that fantastic Body Shop mascara, I started thinking.

Once upon a time, The Body Shop was one of the most exciting places on the high street for me adn their products were a real school status symbol. Soaps shaped like endangered species for the pre-teen activist in me, Dewberry and Fuzzy Peach fragrances for the curious thirteen year old, Ananya and ceramic oil burners for the deep and meaningful fifteen year old ‘woman’.

But I couldn’t remember the last time I went into The Body Shop to actually buy something. It’s a long time since I considered White Musk to be the epitome of sophistication.

So I popped in and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. My best find was the amazing selection of body butters. These are award winners for a reason. The consistency is incredibly rich and genuinely butter-like and they give skin a beautiful sheen. I slapped on the passionfruit before bed and woke up with gloriously soft skin that still smelled fruity. Yum. The scent is a bit much if you’re wearing perfume but you can always go for one of the more neutral versions, there are a whole lot of options.

At £12 a tub they’re not the cheapest body moisturisers on the high street but they are one of the best and perfect for summer months.

And it was fun to wander around The Body Shop with my pocket money again.http://0

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