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My Ideal Crush


My Ideal Crush

As Mr BeautyLover would merrily tell you, when it comes to having crushes, I never matured past 14 years old. He does take it all in good humour but has specifically asked that I stop talking about, ahem, Lee from Any Dream Will Do during meal times.
He doesn’t seem to mind that I’ve been practising my new surname on my maths book though…

I crush on anything and anyone from the lead singer of Stellastarr* and my new patent wedges to the next Joseph (Lee to win!) and my new id Bare Minerals foundation. I fall hard and I fall fast but usually, I’m looking around for my next fix within a month.

So you can imagine how amazing today’s product must be to have tamed my roving eye. I’ve felt a passing flutter for it ever since I tried a sampler about four years ago but recently, in a fit of wanton hussy-style passion, I went the all the way. And I so wish I’d done it four years ago.

The Estee Lauder Idealist range and I have decided to make a go of it.

While I might fall in lust at the flick of a switch, it takes something deeper for love to last and this, I’m sure, is the real thing.

Estee Lauder says: From the first application skin has new softness; uneven texture is smoothed. Imperfections are optically corrected with an exciting new technology. The appearance of pores is reduced. Within days, skin’s surface is clearer, more refined. Oily skin starts to behave and dry patches vanish. Within weeks, skin tone appears more uniform; redness and blotches even out. Skin’s moisture level is back in balance.

I say: They tell no lies… Apparently, 5.5 million bottles have been sold since launch and I can well believe it. Idealist might not be cheap (Price £29 30ml, £43 50ml) but hey – this is your skin we’re talking about, you treat it well! Do you hear me? I’ve moved on from just the Refinisher Serum to a – menage a quatre? – with the Micro-D Thermal Refinisher (self-heating scrub – fun and AMAZING results) and the Eye Refinisher too.

Other scrubs and serums might impart a temporary glow but these babies are in it for the long haul, plus they’re gentle as there’s no acid involved. Plus Oh My God the softness.

Please, for me and my aching heart, go and try this at your nearest Estee Lauder counter. I challenge you to come away without a purchase…


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