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What’s in the bag Claire Baker?


What’s in the bag Claire Baker?

My nosiness will get the best of me one day…
Claire, show us what you’ve got!

What’s your signature product and how does using it make you feel?
Perfume – I mostly wear Marc Jacobs – I have a block of perfume in a compact which gives a lovely shimmer to the skin. But when I am going somewhere really special I wear the last drops of a gorgeous Clinique scent called Wrappings which I can’t get anymore or Chloe which is something I always try to buy duty free as it’s also tricky to track down in England.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to use one product – what is it?
Well it would have to be a proper grown up hairy man for a start – I’m way too old for boys….it would be a lipstick. Lipstick – in a berry stain – usually Benetint with a Chanel Fabulous lipstick over it.

What is your favourite product ever?
Boots No 7 Intense Volume Mascara – it doesn’t flake or smudge or clump and it’s unfragranced and works. I have tried millions of others and this it’s the only one worth buying.

So in my makeup bag today I have:
A mini Moa the green balm for hands, dry patches, lips
Rimmel Coverstick
A tiny folding mirror which one of my children won out of a cracker.
A baby Mason Pearson paddle hairbrush
YSL Touch Eclat
Jane Iredale mineral foundation in the palest colour they do.
Boots No 7 Mascara
Chanel Lipstick

Oh, another pale girl after my own heart! I will be investigating that foundation.
And by the way, everyone should have some Chanel in their purse and Marc Jacobs about their body at all times…

p.s. I’m sorry, I did something weird to your picture…http://0

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