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NYC for less than a fiver?


NYC for less than a fiver?

Okay, apologies for the misleading title but I’m feeling minxish.
And hung over.

Which ties nicely into our item. When I’m hungover and there’s naught but Winter Nights Fashions on QVC, I do love a spot of E! I mean, I know everyone loves Girls of the Playboy Mansion but if I’m not at my peak, I’ll take anything – E! news, Tara Reid True Hollywood Story – anything. I managed to catch (ahem, like it was hard) E! News the other night and between the stories on Britney’s wig and American Idol’s latest losers they had a spot on NYC Cosmetics.

NYC actually managed to do this really amazing ‘Old Hollywood’ face on some ropey reality star for under $15 – wowsers. I can’t quite manage that but I can offer you the new Smooth Skin Foundation.

They say: Enriched with vitamins A, C & E, the lightweight formula glides on smoothly, giving you ultimate coverage control, while the oil-free formula naturally absorbs shine without blocking pores. NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup costs £3.99 and is available at Superdrug.

I say: The shades are all a little bit dark for me but you all know I’m a colourless freak so don’t let that put you off. The texture was nice and it really really is a bargain. Go on, it’s Friday, treat yourself…

I’m off to watch Girls Gone Wild.http://0

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