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The glaze on the icing on the cake


The glaze on the icing on the cake

I’m loving the fact that the sunshine is back but I’m not loving saying goodbye to my smokey eye make-up. We go through this break up dance every summer, I’ll try and convince it to stay just a little while longer, just the kohl pencil, just the grey shadow, but in my heart, I know it’s over.

Which leaves me with a predicament.
I’ve never been that good with lip colour so my summer face is usually just a bit boring. I am determined not to fall into that trap this year so I’m investigating easy ways with lip colour.

So far, my absolute favourite is the Stila Lip Glaze stick. I love the original lip glazes but sometimes you want a bit more colour and a lot less gloss. These beauties have just a touch of shimmer, a real punch of sheer colour and they don’t get sticky. Like, at all.

I’m absolutely in love and will be stocking up in time for summer parties. They also feel really moisturising and last a little longer than ordinary glosses.

All the better for kissing/drinking/eating/kissing with…


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