Fekkai’n Awesome

My hair is completely schizophrenic.
I used to bleach the bejesus out if it, seriously, home dying kits and then even hardcore platinum blonde bleeeeeeeach. But it was always silky soft and shiny.

Not so anymore. Now that I force it to suffer nary a highlight or a straightening iron my do has suddenly become a don’t. Thick, frizzy, straggly and lego man like. Not attractive.
A regular dose of deep conditioner has always helped out when combined with lots of products but after finishing yet another tub of conditioner, bottle of silkening cream, can of shine spray, I figured it was time to bring in the big guns.

Enter Fredrick Fekkai.

From Space NK in Brighton to Sephora in New York, I’ve picked these products up and put them down so many times in the last six months, I don’t need to work out my arms but finally I bit the bullet. And I’m so happy. Although the protein rx reparative shampoo and conditioner come in at just under £20 a piece, you only need to use the tiniest, tiniest amount so they really do last. Plus, they leave your hair looking, smelling and feeling divine. Where’s the bad investment?

And I actually don’t have words for the reparative mask. My hair is so happy after I’ve used it, I swear it does a little dance while I’m not looking.

Only one problem now, once you’ve gone Fekkai, is there ever any coming back?http://0

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