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Sunny Days and Fridays


Sunny Days and Fridays

I have stated a bazillion times that I am the palest girl in the all the world and so the promise of an indian summer is putting the fear and Jebus into me. I’m already slathered in SPF25 top to toe but I’m all about finding new suncreams to protect my precious, precious face (vain, moi?).

I hate the sticky gooey consistency of most suncreams on my face and inevitably breakout within twenty four hours of slapping them on. So imagine how happy I am to find this little beauty that is part SPF 30, part skin enhancing moisturiser and all kinds of fabulous.

DDF Enhancing Sun Protection is a wonder. It really, really is. Spinning off from those ridiculous foundations that claim to match your skintone with the witchcraft-based wonder spheres, this really does protect your skin and give you a light and even skintone.

They say: Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula (DDF) herald a new breakthrough in suncare: optimum protection with self-adjusting colour spheres, to even out your complexion and enhance your own, natural skintone. Until now, sun protection has been the equivalent of a ‘one-size-suits-all’ swimsuit. But Enhancing Sun Protection SPF30™ from dermatological skincare pioneers DDF uses a revolutionary delivery system that works with the precise, individual skintone to help minimise visible redness, giving a smooth, flawless sun-kissed glow to the face and body.

Actually, they say loads more about UVA and UVB protections, green tea, aloe vera and chamomile – all thrown into the mix – but it’s worth a read on their wesbite.

I say: At first I was put off by the thought of this – fancy tinted moisturiser? Hmmm. But it’s really not, well it is and it isn’t. The product is actually a pearly purpley-grey when it comes out the tube but genuinely adjusts to give you a lovely glow. And so far, I’m burn free! It doesn’t feel sticky once it’s applied and my foundation goes over the top just peachy, I’m even planning on doing away with the foundation and sticking with just this as the weather hots up.

You can pick up your own wonder cream at Harvey Nicks or Selfridges.
And I strongly advise that you do.http://0

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