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Radiance in a Pot


Radiance in a Pot

I am well aware that I start too many of these posts with ‘I was really hungover this morning’ so I’m going to pretend today’s starts ‘I was really tired this morning’…

I was really tired this morning and sometimes, MD scrub, Bliss Oxygenating Facial and Beauty Flash Balm aren’t enough. No, really, THAT tired. But not to worry, help was at hand in the shape of a pretty pot of wonderfulness from the creator of my new favourite foundation, i.d. bareMinerals – Pure Radiance.

They say: This multitasking face colour adds a peach luster that will leave your skin fresh and luminous. Not only is it pure in colour but its 100% crushed mineral formula makes it pure enough for even the most sensitive soles. Pure Radiance can be applied over blush to brighten cheeks, under blush to create a luminous glow, or all over for a vivid glimmer. For those who prefer to go natural and minimal with their make-up, buff on Pure Radiance alone for a sheer wash of colour.

I say: Easy to swirl on while ‘tired’ and impossible to overdo, this really does give you the pick me up needed to get out the door in the morning. It’s subtle so don’t expect to suddenly look like a new woman, just the same you that has had ten hours sleep and drank lots of water. Pretty.


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