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Lip Lip Hooray


Lip Lip Hooray

Sorry for the total abandonment yesterday, I hope you don’t have issues.
I was happily on the road with my best friend watching her wedding dress fitting – sob. Expect a gushing photo post in August (alongside a how to post bridesmaid make up that lasts all day and doesn’t leave you looking like the Corpse Bride by the reception. I hope.)

Another quickie today for it is Mummy BeautyLover’s birthday and we’re doing honouring it in the traditional mother daughter way – shopping.

Being in a rush has made me very aware of how easily you can change you look with something simple. Today – my new favourite MAC lipstick. It’s called Overrich and it’s a beautiful sheer coral – sounds awful, looks divine. If you’ve got a free ten minutes this weekend, pop into your nearest MAC concession and have a chat with them about colour. I bet you come away with something you would never ever have tried.

And I bet you love it.

Have fun chicas!http://0

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