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What’s in the Bag Emily Burton?


What’s in the Bag Emily Burton?

My favourite part of the week again! Here’s the lovely Emily’s make-up secrets…

What’s your signature make-up product and how does using it affect your mood?
Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour in Cherub, people always comment on it when I’m wearing it and ask what make it is.

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product. What is it?
ChapStick- Every girl needs smooth kissable lips and it’s the safest thing to apply without a mirror- also my beautiful boyfriend loves the Cherry ChapStick.

Of every product you’ve ever had, current or sob, discontinued, what would be your favourite beauty product ever?
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. It’s quite pricey at £30, but I have even got my friends addicted to it as nothing else even compares!

The Bag…
Pout Eyeslick in Butterfly
Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer

I find that there are somethings you just don’t need to spend lots on. I love Prestige Cosmetics Automatic Eyeliners as they’re easy to use and you don’t need a sharpener – plus they come in loads of different colours so you can change your look slightly but not too drastically.

I generally have at least three ChapSticks in my makeup bag as I love all the flavours and they are so cheap.

I have recently discovered the Daniel Sandler Lipstick in Ambrosia, a really nude shade but it makes me feel more like a grown up that when I have pink gloss on which makes my hair stick to it!

I am on the constant quest for the perfect mascara and currently have three in my makeup bag:
Prestige Cosmetics Lash matrix – great for amazing lashes for night-time and won’t budge even when caught in thunderstorms!

Pout Mascara (the thin one) – great for day for long lashes to achieve the “I haven’t tried too hard look”

Avon Super Full Mascara – a steal at £5 for a great result that lasts and yet still comes off easily at the end of the day.

Always an alice band for frizzy hair days!

A girl after my own heart! ChapSticks by the dozen and a Daniel Sandler Watercolour Cheek Stain.
Sigh, I might go and do my make up again…


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