Tender Loving Care

We’re all well aware of my big girl crush on MAC. It’s like the cool girl in the sixth form who always looks that little bit edgier than everyone else but at the same time, like she hasn’t even tried.

Well, happy to tell you their latest collection, Tendertones, is on counter now. And it’s lush (I’m bringing ‘Lush’ back).

They say: Tendertones SPF 12 The M·A·C Tendertones SPF 12 collection will brighten any summer day. M·A·C Tendertones SPF 12 give lips a silky splash of sheer colour and a dab of SPF protection so lips stay healthy and feel smooth after every application. The Strawberry Kiwi flavour formula gives the protection and comfort of a lip balm with the sexy shine of a gloss. Petrolatum and Linoelic Acid work to condition and maintain moisture on lips while vitamin E works to protect against the harmful conditions of the environment. Lipid complex with coffee seed extract and astricaryum murumuru butter give lips the look of a gloss with the feel of a balm.

I say: It really is silky soft and super sexy. I’m rocking Deep Sigh today which looks like a terrifying deep bronze in the pot but comes out as a gentle, lip-enhancing sheen. Delicious. And how could I not want smoething with astricaryum murumuru in it?

The collection is limited edition so go grab a pot now, they’re only £10.50 and you know you’ll feel like the coolest girl in the common room with the heavy glass pot on your desk. I’m going back for Pucker, sheer raspberry pink. Mm-mm.http://0

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