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Weather the Storm


Weather the Storm

So every cloud has a silver lining, right? Today you lucky beauty hounds benefit from my misfortune…

Yesterday (again, total abandonment. I think it’s because my daddy left. Sorry) I was busy failing my driving test. I mean, who really drives backwards round corners? Bastard.
So while that meant I was weeping into Hotel Chocolat truffles instead of posting, it also meant my new Bare Escentuals Weather Everything waterproof mascara got the real test drive.
I sobbed.
And sobbed.

Seriously though, if Bare Escentuals are going to carry on answering all of my beauty problems, I’m going to have to give up the blog and just link you to their stockist (0870 850 6655 ). It’s amazing.

The plush brush gives really thick gorgeous lashes that look realistic (nothing worse than spider lashes on the beach. Or in your driving instructor’s car on the A3.) but they do not budge once set. They eventually gave up the fight to my Johnson&Johnson eye make up remover pads but they didn’t reveal I’d been wailing like a big girl while watching My Super Sweet Sixteen for at least an hour, to ANYONE.


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