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What’s in the Bag Lola Love?


What’s in the Bag Lola Love?

Today’s beautista is a super duper inspiro girl who we should all worship and adore. Lola Love is the hip heroine of Think Pink and Beauty*Licious, go for it guides for girls that teach young misses that it’s okay to be themselves and more than okay to have a passing interest in make up as long as they realise it’s not everything.

How could her bag not be cool?

What is your signature product and how does it make you feel?
J’adore pink – natch, so I never leave home without applying Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful’s ‘Wanna B’ lip cream. You need a lip brush as it comes in a jewel-encrusted, heart-shaped package of adorability, but it’s a definite head-turner and makes me feel like a total glam-girl from a 1950’s movie, oh, and the good news is it stays put all day – what more could a girl ask for?

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you only have time to apply one product – what is it?
As I would already have applied my perfect pout earlier, I would definitely make sure my lashes were as skirty-flirty as possible by applying lashings of Maybelline Intense XXL Volume & Length Mascara in Waterproof black – the beautiful boy won’t fail to be totally blown away as this prod makes lashes cause a serious breeze with each skirty-flirty flutter!

What product would you miss the most if it was sob – discontinued?
Rimmel’s ‘hide the blemish’ concealer. It’s cheap and does exactly what it promises to do – it’s totally effective at hiding the most pesky and rudest of spots. This proves very helpful when one inevitably appears before your date with the beautiful boy that you snagged earlier with your flutterby lashes!

Grab your hit of Lola here…


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