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Cheap Thrills – Gosh that’s good!


Cheap Thrills – Gosh that’s good!

In my sweaty New York state, it’s all about make up that stays the distance. Waterproof, smudgeproof, call it what you want, I just want to know it’s going to be there from morning till at least lunch time.

So it was happy days when I discovered GOSH waterproof eyeshadows. Lovely portable sticks (which means you can take them on the plane ladies!) that glide on and stay on. The colours are sheer but bright enough to pick out your peepers and they really don’t budge.

I’m rocking Love that Dolphin, mostly because I love that name, but Love the Moss, Champagne and Gold(less good name) are also lovely for inner city summer looks or summer holiday party nights. And all for £5.99!

Oh, and the waterproof mascara is pretty good too if you’re on a last minute pre-holiday dash.

Just a quick word of advice, please don’t wear make-up on the beach. If you must (and I mean really must because you should have tinted your eyelashes with Coloursport 30 day mascara by now) you can wear waterproof mascara and tinted lip balm but that’s it.

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