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Long may it last…


Long may it last…

I’ve tried to keep calm about my impending New York trip (on the plane this time tomorrow people!) but I’m starting to freak out. I’m the least well organised EVER.
I haven’t packed, I haven’t collected my dry cleaning, haven’t picked up my contact lenses… But I do have my tickets, company credit card and $500 cash. Ker-ching!

And what I have done, is my pre-plane-prep.
Hair washed and deep conditioned (always the day before so it doesn’t dry out on the plane) – check.
Skin exfoliated, deep cleansed and moisturised to within an inch of it’s life – check.
Drank enough water to sink a camel – check.

Now, the one area that always worries me the most, is travelling make up. You can’t wear alot because you have to take it off on the plane anyway but you can’t wear nothing for fear of being mistaken for a troll and lodged in the cargo hold. Dilemma, dilemma…

But hurrah, if Colosport haven’t provided me with two fabulous get out clauses – 30 Day Mascara and 24 Hour Eyeliner. The mascara is a fun kit that you mix yourself (takes two ticks and is totally easy. I’m a DIY tard and I’ve managed it twice) and then brush onto lashes for a genuinely long lasting, elegantly defined look. Perfect if you don’t want to fanny about trying to get waterproof mascara off once you’re safely locked in cattle class.

And the eyeliner is like the most fun felt tip you’ve ever had. Easy to apply and smudge for a subtle look (or smoke it up if you’re going out straight after the flight!) and it really does stay put. Fab. And you can pick them up frmo Boots, Asda and Sainsbury so there’s no excuse!

I look forward to arriving in JFK looking like a well rested, sophisticated minx.http://0

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