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It’s a La Mer-acle


It’s a La Mer-acle

I’ve never been entirely comfortable with investment products, you know, the ones that cost half your salary and don’t actually leave you with the skin of an eleven year old?

Well, I have to stand corrected on something.

And it’s Creme de la Mer.

Flying always leaves my skin trashed. Completely dehydrated, looking grey and really irritated but not this time. I have lavished my skin with the love that comes with La Mer products and it it loving me back. Can’t wait to see what we achieve together in the long term – I can already tell this is no fling.

I’m glowing, I’ve got a lovely healthy sheen and should any Lower East Side hipsters care to stroke a cheek (in a purely platonic way Mr BeautyLover) they will find it softer than a baby’s bottom.

I’m converted and by Saturday morning, I will also be maxed out on all my credit cards.
The stuff is a mer-acle.

(p.s. yes, I know that was terrible but I LOVE a pun)


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