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New York state of mind


New York state of mind

Since I got back from NYC I genuinely haven’t had time to make my brain work properly, so today I’m going a touch Virginia Woolf on you with my stream of beauty consciousness…

The best product car none to have on a flight is Nivea creme. Yes, the old school stuff in a tin.
It creates a protective barrier, nourishes the skin and even though you might think you look like an oil slick at the end of the flight, your skin will thank you for it three days in.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I picked up more DDF complexion enhancing SPF 30 in Sephora at the bargain price of $30. Please do the same, it’s fab.

MAC Tendertones rocked my lips for the duration of the trip. I’m obsessed. Silky, scented, and SPF 12, where is the bad people?

Bliss Magnolia Body Mousse is divine. Light yet rich, pleasantly perfumed but not strong enough to fight with your perfume. If you’re going to the states, grab some while you’re out there so you don’t have to lug it over AND make happy times with the exchange rate.

Superdrug Hair Serum. No really. It comes in a little hot pink bottle and you only need three drops to totally transform your hair into a shiny, tangle free mane. And it’s a complete bargain – hurrah!

There’s so much more, I feel like I’m leaving alot out but I also feel like I have jetlag, hayfever and a cold.

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