Oh, oh, oh, it’s Magic!

You know how I so love a little extra special something with my beauty products and just to keep you in the loop, I also enjoy a finely milled powder. With that in mind, I declare Perscriptives Magic Powder my favourite product of the week.

As a brand, I like Perscriptives. It’s got a real no-nonsense approach to creating really good skincare and beauty products that actually work and the customisation element means they work for all skintones and types. Plus, lots of them look pretty too.

Example a)
Besides being a perfect match for my skin, this ridiculously finely milled Magic Powder illuminates my skin, sets my foundation and diffuses any pesky blemishes and, ahem, fine lines. Plus I have the translucent powder version but I just found out they do a red neutralizer version which just jumped to the top of my list of ‘please Mr BeautyLover, it is pay day after all’ begging.

And now for the magic… Although this is a powder, when you brush it onto the skin, it feels like a cooling liquid. How good is that? I don’t know exactly how they’re performing this witchcraft but I imagine Harry Potter is working in their factory.

And I like it.


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