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Where there’s smoke, there’s wrinkles


Where there’s smoke, there’s wrinkles

As I’m sure you all know, smoking is neither:

a) big
b) clever
c) legal in public places anymore

And unlike swearing, this more or less remains true, even when drunk or showing off for boys.
But the happy news is, the less you smoke the less you, and all the rest of us, will suffer from wrinkles!

But if you have suffered (and let’s be honest, we all have one way or another) why not treat your super new smoke free skin with a little boost with Perscriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme! That’s right, it’s Xtreme!

I can’t possibly explain to you what wonders are in this magic potion (it’s totally witchcraft, just like my beloved Magic Powder) so here it is, straight from the warlock’s mouth…

They say… Charged with a “super cocktail” of powerful antioxidants to help defend skin against both types of free radicals, SLP-X’s new and improved formulation is designed with Prescriptives’ proprietary Super Antioxidant System (SAS) to not only help protect against environmental assaults but also improve the look of visible lines and wrinkles and help prevent visible long-term damage. Prescriptives has taken free radical research a step further by focusing on seven major free radical species: Singlet Oxygen, Peroxynitrite, Hydrogen Peroxide, Halogenated Oxidant, Superoxide, Hydroxyl Radical and Lipid Peroxide. The antioxidants in SAS work synergistically to help protect against all these different types of free radical species on the skin, helping neutralize these free radicals.

I say… It comes in a darling pearlescent bottle and has a cool pipette in the screw top that makes me feel like I’m playing Weird Science at bed time but most importantly, it’s good. My skin lapped it up in New York where it was exposed to all sorts of nasties and if you live in the city or are even just around traffic pollution, this baby could be the miracle worker for you. Pop it on under your regular moisturiser and wait for the lines to, well, never appear! Call 0870 034 2566 for stockist deets.

Super Line Preventor Xtreme is just £35 for 30ml and £49 for 50ml, so what, seven packets of fags for the same price as gorgeous skin? Let me get my commonsense calculator out…


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