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Give me Moa


Give me Moa

Every so often I get sent something to try*, start using it, love it, add it to my make up bag and completely forget to tell you about it. Today we celebrate one such unsung hero.

This slightly random little product became a handbag staple while I was in New York and was routinely cutting my legs shaving, getting hideous blisters and suffering from too-hot-for-shoes, too-professional-for-flip-flop situations.

Moa is a 100% natural balm, created in Iceland and used to heal, well, just about anything! I find it helpful on sore spots on my footsies but also on dry cuticles, grazes and even burns (I am a very clumsy person. The iron is not my friend). You can even use it as a cleanser or as a sore throat treatment… I think we’re well into ‘what can’t it do?’ territory.

It contains Yarrow, tea tree oil and various other ‘super herbs’ that have been grown in Iceland’s bitterly cold temperatures. Basically, if it’s hard enough to cope in Iceland, it’s in here somewhere.

Plus the pot is very cute.

Find out lots more about this miracle balm and where to buy here!

*btw, I don’t get sent enough stuff.
Please send more.
And like, good stuff please.


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