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Stila my favourite


Stila my favourite

I know my Stila addiction is an unrequited love affair but I can’t stop buying the damn stuff. Will someone give me the name of their PR?

Following my most recent fling in New York, I’ve become totally addicted to Convertible Colour in Fuchsia. Now, it looks terrifying in the packaging. And on your finger tips. And sometimes on your face but hear me out – this is a real less is more.

For the porcelain skinned amongst us, this is a life saver. Given that a) we don’t tan and b) there’s nothing to tan under this summer anyway, the Fuchsia Convertible Colour gives a beautiful Barbie flush look when stippled on to your cheeks with the Stila number 19 retractable brush. Aim for the tops of the apples of your cheeks, just on the edge of your cheekbones. If you use too much (easy mistake-a to make-a) just rub your hands together and press them onto your face. The warm skin will lift the excess colour without rubbing it away.

I team this with Fuchsia subtly dabbed on the lips, layered with Fig lipglaze

and Cloud eyeshadow.

Eyes need to be neutral to hold all the cheek and lip colour but they do want some attention – the Fuchsia really makes them pop right out!

Damn it Stila, I wish I knew how to quit you…http://0

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