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Estee Lauder Azuree Collection


Estee Lauder Azuree Collection

I’m a total sucker for a limited edition collection, not to mention pretty pretty things, so Estee Lauder’s collaborations with Tom Ford always make me go a bit gooey inside.

This summer’s Azuree Soiree and Azuree Bronzee (damn blogger’s inability to add accents – I’m not a skank who can’t spell) are super beautiful, all old Hollywood glamour in turquoise and gold. Beautiful. Choose from Bronzee, an entire collection inspired by sparkling skin on a warm beach, very golden, very pretty and very easy or Soiree, taken from rich red wine on a Mediterranean summer’s evening. Preferably sipped on balcony of George Clooney’s Lake Como villa.
So beautiful.
The colours, not George.
Well, you know what I mean.

And the products are bad either. I’ve had a pop at the Soiree Lipgloss which is a beautiful rich berry shade that looks gorgeous against a tan on but is really stunning against a pale skin if you’re brave enough. If you do feel like you need a top up of colour, pop on a drop of the Soiree Face Glow which sits elegantly on my nightstand next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock.
It really does make a mockery of me.

But hey, it’s aspirational. There’s a touch of Sophia Loren and Katharine Hepburn in all of us if you are:
a) prepared to groom endlessly, wear very high heels every day and generally adopt an air of elegance that can’t be taught, bought or trained…
b) happy to purchase these beautiful lovely things of wonder.

I’m just going to pop down to Selfridges…http://0

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