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What’s in the Bag Thomas McGlashan?


What’s in the Bag Thomas McGlashan?

Today marks a momentous BeautyMecca What’s in the Bag moment… Our very first boy!
The lovely Thomas McGlashan has opened up his beauty bag/drawer/cupboard and let us peep inside… and oh, what wonders!

What is your signature product and how does using is affect your mood?
I have a few lotions and potions that I use religiously but my favourite product that use when things become desperate is Touche Eclat – I know, I know, there are better/cheaper versions but I think its a psychological thing to be honest!! Its normally the product of choice when I’m feeling rough as… Too much though can be lethal!! We’ve all seen examples of ‘Lush in the flesh’ but ‘White Circle-eyed in flash photos’ where Touch Eclat Overload has been the application of choice!!

A beautiful boy is on the approach and you’ve only got time to do one thing (beauty-wise!) What is it?

My obvious answer would be suck in my (ever) increasing belly and cheeks for Slimming Effect without SlimFast!! Being serious, I think it would have to be a quick application of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream onto my lips to distract from the current cracked-effect!! Again, not too much though or I could end up looking a little too lady-like! Not a good look for a boy.

What product existing or (sob!) discontinued could you not live without?
There are a few – hence the drawers of ‘previously used but now forgotten about’ products! I’m a complete sucker for marketing campaigns that promise “younger-looking” skin, which is a bit worrying at 23! I’m also a sucker for bargains too – is that because I’m a student AGAIN or because I’m Scottish, I don’t know?! Both of these little obsessions can be ticked off by the purchase of Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Gel which costs about £2.50 or something ridiculous and lasts for ages. Its great for everyday use and if kept in the fridge, its great for hangover eyes too. I’ve also just started using the No. 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum that was sold out for ages (proof of my marketing whore vice!!). Not sure if its doing what it says as yet but do feel naughty if I’ve not put it on before going to bed at night! I was a lovely son and bought my dear mother some too (it was 3 for 2!!) and she really likes it.

And the bag…
My ‘beauty bag’ is actually numerous drawers and shelves of my bathroom cabinet so I’ll spare you every detail but the lotions and potions that I’m actually using just now…

Gillette Fusion razor – newly purchased and quite liking it due to the closeness and the side burn trimmer too!

Eye gel(s) – either that little Superdrug one or Clinique All About Eyes if I’m feeling flush – which I’m currently not!!

My No. 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – for lips, hands, nails, brows, dry patches, burns… and also any shaving rashes or irritations too! How manly…

Hand cream – which I actually need to buy soon as the crappy one I have now is about to run out – any recommendations, Miss Beautylover??

CCS Footcare Cream – very serious looking and sounding and I love it!! Keeps ‘Dinosaur Feet’ at bay.

How exciting! I love it when a boy wants to talk moisturisers…
For the hand cream, I had a brief flirtation with L’Occitane lavender hand cream but it was really more about the scent than the actual product. I love Soap and Glory’s hand cream, that’s pretty good and available from Boots but to be honest, I would always go for the Dove Hand Balm which I keep on my desk. It’s refreshing, absorbs quickly and smells nice – what else can a girl/boy ask for?

Loving the anti-dinosaur feet cream. We should all start a facebook group…


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