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Pinch Your Cheeks


Pinch Your Cheeks

Now I won’t start many posts this way but this weekend, I spent some time ogling a very cute baby. Babies and I traditionally do not get along. They don’t like me, I don’t like them, everyone’s happier if we just stay away from each other. I like them in theory, it’s just that in practise, there’s always some unpleasant hair pulling or code brown situation that upsets the applecart.

Not this baby, she was beautiful and wee and perfect and I think the fact that all I could think about was ‘how do they keep their skin so clear?’ speaks alot about me as a person. I mean, that baby is not using the high end products I am forking out for and yet, bugger me, she looked great.

While a lifetime of excess and sun damage can’t be undone to give you baby soft, baby clear skin, you can cheat your way to that ridiculously cute glow that babies have. I have a new favourite everyday blusher (fickle, I know).

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks has been around for a while but for some reason, I’ve never given in. Which is madness because it’s a) great and b) in a lovely pocketable tube. Yum. The product comes out looking terrifyingly dark but actually blends into a sheer wash of baby glow blush and you you can keep layering all day until you get the right depth for you without ever looking like you’ve over done it. Healthy glow in a tube… And even babies could tell you gel in tube is safer than liquid stain in glass bottle (BeneTint, I’m looking at you).

There’s nothing we like more here at BeautyMecca, than something that gives the lovely, lovely illusion of health even if we’re as hungover as drunk dogs and got three hours sleep the night before.
Which is probably why we’re less keen on babies, come to think of it…

£11.00 at or all Origins stockists.


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